About Us

Unusual Vibez provides a unique mix of Culture, Fashion and Art through an eclectic selection of rare wearable nostalgias, with temporal origins ranging from the 80’s to the early 00’s.
We focus on vintage merchandise, especially t-shirts but not only, spanning from Rap to Metal music, to subjects of Movies, Sports or Comics, and everything in the middle.

The merchandise over the years have always played a major role in promoting almost everything, whether it was to let people know and remember of a concert, an event, a business or to celebrate a certain artist, athlete or public figure, to name a few.
In the last decade, these promotional products have progressively become out-and-out Cult objects for the admirers of certain cultures, sub-cultures or movements, and also a proper fashion thing, becoming the material and inspiration for the works of various high profile brands and a staple for many wardrobes. 

All this, mixed with the desire of people to express their belonging to a certain culture or an era, the growing affirmation of a lived-in aesthetic in the collective imagination, and the eco-friendly impact of the Vintage market on the worldwide fashion industry, have contributed to create an ever-expanding community and marketplace of aficionados, which we are proudly part of.